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[Supplément] Spirit Slayers
mar. 03/03/09 16:24
un type l'a déjà reçu dans sa boite aux lettres. En direct du forum WW :

The Bear Lodge: The Most Dangerous Hunt

This Compact hunts monsters simply to prove that they can. They keep trophies of the supers they kill as proof. It's not about sadistic pleasure ala Ashwood Abbey. They don't torture or kill supers- they hunt them and kill the to prove that they are the superior hunter. They hunt werewolves above all other supers. Sportsmen hunt werewolves to prove they're the best at what the do. "Hunt the hunters" type of mentality. Trappers don't believe in needless danger. They like to plan ahead, and make deals with other organizations to learn the best ways to take werewolves down. Vigilantes hunt werewolves out of a sense of justice. Werewolves kill people. So they kill werewolves to keep them from killing people.

The Illuminated Brotherhood: The Psychonauts

These are the guys that focus their attention on spirits. The Children of Leary don't go hunting spirits- they plumb the depths of their own minds to try to find the "truth" of the spirit world. The Spirit Seekers track down occult locations, and spend the night there trying to discover ghosts, spirits and loci. Finally, The Watching Eye deal with ghosts and spirits that possess human bodies. They work to free people from possession.

The Talbot Group: The Redeemers

Okay, these guys are primarily people whose loved ones are monsters. They band together to save the monsters from themselves, even risking their own lives to do it. They are convinced a cure is out there, and they're going to find it. Exorcists are some of the more violent of the Redeemers- they are the ones that think to burn down loci, expunge spirits from people by any means necessary, and barring that, kill them. Redactors believe the spirits aren't the problem- it's the people the spirits are drawn to. They believe that instead of fighting off spirits, it's a more premanent solution to council the people that spirits seem to like to possess to stop the spirits from wanting to possess them in the first place. Finally, the Conciliators try to make contact with spirits in an attempt to forge alliances to help the compact protect others from spirit possession.

Les Mysteres: The Spirit Emissaries

These guys are not a central group per se. Each cell pretty much stands alone, and no two cells share the same exact belief system on what the spirit world is, or how it interacts with the physical world. They all agree, however, that the spirit world and physical world need each other. The hold a special hatred for werewolves, because they believe werewolves are going against "the natural order" by trying to keep the spirit and physical world apart. Although the group as a whole don't have real factions, there are enough like minded cells to classify them as such. The Children of the Loa believe that spirits are all servants of a some higher power, wether it's the Judeo-Christian God, Mother Nature, or whatever. The Spirit-Chained believe that the spirits are a fundamental part of the world. There is no afterlife, no angels, no demons, no heaven, no hell. Just the physical world and the spirit world. Finally The Transcendent are not really a faction. They are simply cells of Les Mysteres that reject the beliefs of the other two factions.

Now, Les Mysteres members allow themselves to become Ridden for a time, but not to allow the spirit to take full possession. They're more interested in trying to form a symbiotic relationship, and even remain in control of the riding spirit. To do this, they use four "paths", the Path of the Fellowship, The Path of Spirit, the Path of Beasts and the Path of the Soul.

The Path of the Fellowship is followed by those that try to use their hold on the ridden spirit to make life better for the people around them. They can call on people for aid if their status goes up while on this path.

The Path of Spirit is used to give yourself over to the spirit world. These hunters do whatever the spirits tell them to do, however insane the commands are. When the hunter's status reaches 3 while on this path, they get a +1 modifier to Occult rolls.

The Path of Beasts is followed by hunters who feel their primary job is to stop werewolves from severing the link between the spirit and physical. When on this path, the third dot of status grants the hunter two contacts- each is an expert on one type of super.

The Path of the Soul is introspective- the hunter looks within him/herself to make sure they are in balance and are doing the right thing. When they reach the third dot of status on this path, they add one to Resolve to resist supernatural powers that affect the mind.

Now, as a conspiracy, Les Mysteres gains the Endowment called Rites du Cheval. These Rites are used to call spirits, bind them to the hunter's bodies, and hopefully control them, using the spirit's powers for themselves. It's based mostly on voodoo, but the rites are worldwide, so any member can access any rite, but there are different names for the same rites depending on who you learn the rite from.

autre chose :

in this book the watered down version of Gifts are called Dominions. They are a special kind of Dread Power that werewolves have to control an aspect of the world. Any monster- even a super other than a werewolf- can have Dominions. Any super with a Dominion can cross over into the spirit world at a locus. It's stated in the book that most werewolves never develop Dominions above three dots. A werewolf cannot have a Dominion Rating higher than his Primal Urge. A werewolf must possess a dot of a Dominion at each level the possess- if a werewolf has a four dot Dominion, they must possess at least one first level, one second, and one third, but can have any combination of lower level Dominions. For example, a werewolf HAS to take a third level Dominion at least once before they can take a fourth level one.

There are far too many Dominions to list- and unfortunately, they don't seem to be grouped in any particular way. There is just five levels of Dominions, and each power is given an appropriate level. For example, a level one Dominion might give clarity to a werewolf, upping its initiative, it can give werewolves the ability to see farther than any normal human, or convert bashing damage a werewolf causes into lethal.

Level two Dominions include short-circuiting all lights in an area, change the vice of a target temporarily, free a werewolf from bonds no matter how secure, or reduce the Defense of a target of an attack.

Level three Dominions include commanding fire, locking their jaws on a victim with a grapple, doubling the dice pool, cause Lunacy as if the werewolf were in its Garou form, or cause a victim's past sins to be relived, causing lethal damage.

Level four Dominions include taking control of an animal's mind, causing the werewolf's claws and teeth to cause agg. damage, or transforming into a shadow.

Finally, level Five Dominions include howling that cause all actions to be reduced to a chance die, going berserk and becoming basically a cyclone of death, and upping their strength for the scene.

New Endowments :

TF:V get two new Advanced Armory- the Frequency Pulse Emitter and the Urban Response Vehicle. The "dog whistle" as the MiB call the pulse emitter, is a special type of flash grenade that produces a sonic burst that stuns a werewolf. Normal people can't hear anything when the emitter goes off. The URV is a special kind of van that looks like an ordinary vehicle but is built pretty much like a bullet proof hummer. It's got everything from a special GPS and onboard computer, police cruiser search lights, bullet proof glass, special RFID locks, run-flat tires, etc. It also has a mounted .50 calibur machine gun on the top of the vehicle.

The Malleus Maleficarum get two new Benedictions- The Miracle of Gadarene and the Binding of St. Amabilis. The first benediction is an exorcism that forces a spirit out of a human host and into an animal. The second is a special song that cancels the regeneration properties of werewolves.

The Lucifuge get two new Castigation rites- Familiar Betrayal and Mark of the Beast. The former allows the Lucifuge - who MUST know the name of the spirit- to take control of a werewolf pack's totem, and the spirit MUST follow the Lucifuge's commands to the best of its ability. The latter allows the Lucifuge to transform themselves into a demon, and gains a pool of points equal to the character's Castigation rating that they may use to increase any Physical Attribute the character has.

The Ascending Ones get two new Elixers- The Vapors of Mercury and the Balm of Chronos. The Vapors transform the hunter's blood into basically liquid silver. grinning smiley The Balm speeds up the reaction time of the hunter, causing him to view time as if in slow motion, doubling his defense modifier and Defense.

AKD gets two new Relics- the Idol of Gevaudan and the Phylactery of Commius. The Idol causes werewolves who see it while it is activated to become obsessed with it, and fight anyone- including their own pack- to possess it. The Phylactery can be used to capture a spirit, and if it is used to do so, the owner of the Phylactery ages at half the normal rate, any wounds the owner suffers is subtracted from the spirit first, and the owner is able to speak in the spirit language.

Finally, the Cheiron Group gets two new implants- the Ectorine Gland and the Berserker Splice. The Gland allows hunters to see into Twilight, and the Splice causes the subject to get +2 to Strength for every point of lethal damage taken.

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Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
mer. 04/03/09 19:47
Ca sent très très bon tout ça encore une fois !
J'aime beaucoup la nouvelle conspiration.

On approche le sans faute et il ne reste plus qu'un bouquin (j'en serai presque déçu alors que je me suis intéressé à H:tV parce que c'était une gamme fermée), espérons le final en apothéose.

Les Endowments sont sympa, ça devient un peu plus bourrin mais de temps en temps ça fait du bien de se lâcher sur un scénar un peu plus héroïque (ahah les vapeurs de mercure, idée géniale). Et puis c'est adapté aux monstres que sont les loups-garous.
Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
mar. 31/03/09 14:08
Il est sorti depuis aujourd'hui (je crois) ! Je l'ai acheté à l'Oeuf Cube !!! Fini les suppléments HUNTER ?

avatar Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
mer. 01/04/09 11:49
Reste encore Night Stalker, normalement, le supplément sur les vampires !

J'attends de voir ce qu'en disent ceux qui l'ont lu, ce Spirit Slayer !

Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
mer. 01/04/09 14:48
Ah ! Honte sur ceux qui ne lisent pas mon edito en page d'accueil !

NIGHT STALKERS est lui aussi en boutique (et dans ma bibliothèque) !

Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
jeu. 02/04/09 13:20
Donc s'il fallait faire un compte rendu de tous les "hunter" sortis :

- Night Stalkers.
- Slashers.
- Spirit Slayers.
- Under the Skin.
- Horror recognition guide.
- Core Book. (livre de base quoi)
- Witch Finders.

PS : Cyprius, je pense me lancer dans un blog comme les tiens sauf que le thème sera hunter, si des gens sont tentés par la réalisation d'une sorte de "Data Base" de Hunter et qu'ils veulent apporter un peu d'aide...
Re: [Supplément] Spirit Slayers
lun. 13/04/09 16:47
Je serai bien intéressé pour aider si l'idée c'est de créer des ressources qui permettent de faciliter la recherche du MJ (établir une liste des Endowments, des Tactics, des Tells/Flaw et autres ressources dispersées dans les différents suppléments). Cela dit ce sera difficile avant Juin, étant actuellement en Allemagne et avec une connexion internet par intermittence, mais j'ai mes bouquins Hunter avec moi (il me manque Spirit Slayers et Night Stalkers que je récupérerai de passage en France la première semaine de mai).

Sinon pour compléter la liste, il y a en PDF :
- Under the Skin (SAS)
- Murder will out (SAS)
- Spearfinger (SAS)
- Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm (SAS)
- Block by bloody block (Aide de jeu)
- Collection of Horrors (Aide de jeu lié à Horror Recognition Guide, les 2 ou 3 premiers morceaux sont sortis la semaine dernière)
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