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Book of the Dead
mar. 12/05/09 16:39

This product will be released:

4th Quarter (October - December) 2009

Secrets of the Grave

They are the silent majority. Legions of the dead, lining the banks of Stygian rivers. And in those depths of the Underworld, horrific things long dead stir — but there, too, can be found secrets long buried with their owners. Dare you make the descent into the Great Below?

A Chronicle Book for World of Darkness and Geist: The Sin-Eaters

The secrets of the Underworld, the land of the dead, revealed at last
Designed for use with the World of Darkness as a whole, as well as serving as an expansion to Geist: The Sin-Eaters
Methods of entering the Underworld, denizens and secrets to be found there, story hooks and much more

Page Count: 192 (hardcover)

Authors: Martin Henley, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Christopher Simmons, Travis Stout, Stewart Wilson

Developer: Chuck Wendig

Cover Artist: Adrian Majkrzak

ISBN: 978-158846-382-1

Item #: 60501
Our Price: $29.99

Re: Book of the Dead
mar. 12/05/09 18:55
mais YES !

depuis le temps qu'on l'attendait, cette source d'info sur l'Underworld grinning smiley
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