[V20] Combinaison de disciplines : apprentissage ou création
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je souhaite créer un personnage appartenant au Sabbat. (Country Gangrel)

1/Est ce que créer une combinaison de disciplines prend plusieurs siècles à être créer ? Et comment procède t on ?

Je souhaite créer une combinaison de discipline s'apparentant à :
Command the Swarm (Daimoinon ••, Animalism • )


The more powerful a Baali becomes, the more corrupted their form. Putrid insects and shadowy vermin begin to encircle them wherever they go, making them a walking anima of death and disease. For Baali with this power, however, these pests become their loyal servants and an extension of their power, allowing them to not only create capable spies, but also use Daimoinon Disciplines far away from their normal capabilities. This certainly explains how someone who crosses a Baali can be cursed without ever seeing them again.

System: With this combo Discipline, the Baali gains the ability to speak to any vermin or insects drawn to them just as if they were using Feral Whispers, but without the need for eye contact. The character may also spend a blood point to enchant either a single member of their swarm or the swarm as a whole and send them to any location with a specified range:

Thirteenth Generation 1 mile/1.5 kilometers

Twelfth Generation 2 miles/3 kilometers

Eleventh Generation 5 miles/8 kilometers

Tenth Generation 10 miles/15 kilometers

Ninth Generation 20 miles/30 kilometers

Eighth Generation 50 miles/75 kilometers

The insect or swarm acts as an extension of the Baali, allowing the character to borrow the swarm’s senses to see, hear, and interact with the swarm’s surroundings. This also allows him to use Daimoinon abilities through the swarm, although at a cost of an additional blood point.

This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

Mais sans la discipline Daimoinon en la remplaçant par autre chose.

A cet effet, je souhaite prendre l'atout suivant :
Hive-Minded (1 or 2pt. Merit)

Your Animalism works on insects and other creepy-crawlies in addition to animals. If you select the two-point version of this merit, your Protean forms may take the form of an insectoid swarm rather than a single creature (though the swarm must be of a size and mechanical equivalent to a wolf or a bat, as appropriate).

Le MJ autorise de connaître une combinaison de discipline en ayant un mentor.
Je souhaite obtenir la combinaison de discipline suivant :
Carriage Horses (Animalism ••, Fortitude •••)


This power originated among Ravnos kumpaniyas. Most traveling groups had animal ghouls for the purpose of protecting and guarding the vampires during the day, and some clever individual learned how to make those retainers serve an even greater purpose. By the use of this power, a Ravnos can transfer a point of damage he has suffered to one of his animal ghouls.

System: If the Ravnos has any animal ghouls within sight, he may elect to use this power. The player spends one blood point and rolls Stamina + Animal Ken against a difficulty of 8. Each success transfers one Health level of damage (any type) to the animal. This can only be used immediately after the vampire is wounded (after the soak roll) and counts as a reflexive action.

This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

2/Comment justifier d'un point de vue rôlistique qu'un ravnos ait accepté de m'enseigner cette technique ?

3/Concernant la capacité à prendre la forme d'un essaim/d'une nuée avec protéisme 4, est ce que cela est techniquement similaire à :
••••• •• Animal Swarm

Upon activating this power, the Gangrel dissolves into a swarm of small creatures, such as rats, crows, or scorpions. The creatures remain under the Gangrel’s control, and he may direct them in unison or as individuals.

System: The Gangrel may disperse into as many creatures as he has blood points, with each creature carrying that one blood point; he may choose to form fewer creatures, in which case the blood points are divided as evenly as possible among them. The creatures may act in concert, or individually follow a simple plan such as “scatter and hide.” the Gangrel may pay close attention to only one component creature at a time. For example, he may listen in on a conversation using the body of one rat, while directing the dozen others to keep moving and avoid detection.

While using this power, each creature within the swarm of animals must remain within 300 yards/meters of one another; any animal that leaves this radius immediately dissolves into ash, and the vampire forfeits the blood carried by that creature. The vampire may reform from any of the creatures in the swarm, but when she reforms, all animals within 10 yards/meters are drawn back into her physical substance. Other animals (those who are too far away) dissolve into ash, and the vampire forfeits their blood.

This power takes one turn to take effect, and lasts until sunrise or until the Gangrel chooses to retake his humanoid form. At that time, all of the component creatures present are re-absorbed into the Gangrel’s body, along with the blood points that animal carried. If this leaves the vampire with less than three blood points, she must immediately check for frenzy. Creatures who do not rejoin the Gangrel’s body may be reabsorbed at any time, though if there is only one creature left in her swarm, the Gangrel immediately reverts to her natural physical form.

The vampire must reform at sunrise. She may choose which creature out of the swarm in which to re-incorporate. Any creatures not reabsorbed dissolve into small piles of ash and blood at dawn.

The vampire may use the following Disciplines while in Animal Swarm: Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude, Obfuscate, and Potence. The individual creature that is the tangible source of the power must fuel any Disciplines that require the expenditure of blood. Creatures reduced to zero blood points are immediately destroyed.

L'idée est que lorsqu'il était mortel, mon personnage avait des problèmes de santé récurrent (apoplexie, angine poitrine, infarctus ...) et se soignant par hirudothérapie (avec des sangsues).

Avec pour historique des animaux goules comme nuée de moustiques, des sangsues.

Pour la Nature et l'Attitude, je pense à un survivant mais innovateur. Mais je ne sais lequel correspond le mieux entre survivor et visionary en V20.

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