Mise à jour des Dons et Formes chez WW
jeu. 01/11/12 02:58
Voici un thread du forum officiel dans lequel un auteur freelance a entreprit, avec l'aide des fans, de réécrire une grande partie des Dons et des Formes.




Current drawbacks of Gauru form are as follows

1) Usable only once per scene
2) Short duration
2) Requires Resolve + Composure roll to allow short, simple phrases and failure means death rage.
3) Can speak First Tongue but has no chance to really use it due to issue #2
4) Can track by scent which is useless unless actively trying to pummel someone who just hid in the middle of a fight
5) Gifts and fetishes usage limited to reflexive, attack-supplementing enhancers
6) Inability to use complex tools to such an extent that even Axes are dubious
7) Resolve + Composure each turn to perform a non-combat action, failure means death rage

I am considering this thread to have finished with beta discussion and feel confident with the final product the list of changes are as follows. Additional changes may be needed in the future after large scale testing so any additional input would be much appreciated.

I would like to give special thanks to LOOK, CrimsonShadows, Rahuman101, and Furry for contributing major discussion into different ideas and benefits, and everyone else who analyzed, critiqued, and helped tweak as necessary.

Revised Werewolf Forms:


Hishu: +2 Perception

Werewolves are always portrayed as having preternaturally excellent senses, even in their normal human state. However, as is they gain little in that field. This leads to the "everyone pick Partial Change" problem. So I give them a little boost, it helps.


Dalu: 9-again on strength rolls, Can deal lethal damage unarmed

Dalu is a pretty solid form, their best for martial combat by a mile. If they are using guns or fighting styles this is the form a Werewolf will spend most of their time fighting in. The 9-again addition is a common house rule, used to accentuate the sheer strength Werewolves possess. Lethal unarmed is just common sense, I mean, the form practically has claws. By making this allowance it further counters the necessity of Partial Change


Urshul: 9-again on strength rolls, use the higher of Wits or Dexterity for defense

Urshul is, currently, probably a Werewolf's "best" close combat form. It is fast as hell, has good defense and health, deals lethal damage and doesn't cause you to lose your damn mind. None of this is the fault of Urshul form itself (I think the form is perfect for its intended purpose). I try to use changes to bring out Urshul's defensive nature, it is a pack form, best when used together with other quick wolves to harry and pursue their prey. Thus the improved defense.


Urhan: Use the higher of Wits or Dexterity for defense

Urhan is, probably, the least used form. Best for stalking in the wilderness or tracking prey. Its bonuses are fairly defensive and its penalties make it less desireable than Urshul or Dalu for combat. Even so it has a solid place in the theme and styling of Forsaken, and clear applications within play.


Complete Revised Gauru Form:

Attribute Bonuses: +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +2 Stamina, +2 Size, +4 Health, +4 Speed, +1 Initiative, +3 Perception. Gains [Prima Urge/2]/[Primal Urge/2] Natural Armor with the bulletproof property, this armor stacks with armor generated by magical sources. (Rounded up, Silver does NOT ignore this armor). He may also use the higher of his Dexterity and Wits when determining his defense.

Natural Weaponry: +2 Lethal Damage Bite Attack, +1 Lethal Damage Claw attack. While in Gauru form the character benefits from the 8-again rule on all strength related rolls, including brawl attacks.

Endurance: While in Gauru Form a Werewolf suffers no wound penalties no matter how severe until a wound is marked in their right most Health box. Stamina Rolls to remain concious aren't made when a bashing wound is marked in the Werewolf's rightmost Health box. When lethal damage is marked in the Werewolf's rightmost Health Box he does not collapse. Instead he may either spend a point of Essence to automatically shift down (and collapse) or fly immediately into Death Rage. Once in Death Rage the Gauru wolf will not collapse until all his health boxes are filled with Aggravated damage.

Lunacy: Gauru Form enduces Lunacy in mortal viewers with no bonus to their resistance.

Mental Modifiers: -2 to resist Death Rage. Automatically fail all mental or social rolls with the exception of Resolve, Composure and Intimidation rolls. All attempts to magically influence the Werewolf, either mentally or socially, take a -3 penalty due to his more primal mindset. In Death Rage, this penalty increases to -5.

Combat Focus: Must succeed a reflexive [Resolve+Composure] roll to perform an action not directly related to combat, or speak in any language other than First Tongue. Actions that further combat, such as aggressive gifts or fetishes, buffing, rearming, or reestablishing surprise do not require a roll.

Weapons and Styles: While in Gauru form a Werewolf cannot use any tools or maneuvers that require finesse. Simple savage weaponry, such as improvised weaponry, mauls, swords, and axes are basic enough that the Werewolf can still recall their application. Certain fighting styles, those based around uncontrolled savagry, may be applied in combat with Storyteller approvial.

Duration: A werewolf can maintain a controlled fury for [Harmony+Primal Urge] actions. For every successive action past that time limit he must succeed on a reflexive [Resolve+Composure-3], or spend a point of Essence to reflexively shift down. Failure on this roll causes the Werewolf to fall fully into Death Rage. During times when the moon is in the Werewolf's auspice phase, add the characters dots in their auspice renown to the duration of their Gauru form.
Re: Mise à jour des Dons et Formes chez WW
sam. 18/07/15 16:00
Est-ce qu'il existe une version de ces règles maison sous la forme d'un fichier PDF ou document texte? Je serais intéressé de l'avoir pour "patcher" ma prochaine campagne Loups-garou en attendant de me procurer la nouvelle édition.
Re: Mise à jour des Dons et Formes chez WW
mar. 21/07/15 00:38
Pour ceux que ça intéresserait, j'ai reçu le document en question de son auteur original. Je peux transmettre au besoin.
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