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DISPO : The Left-Handed Path !
jeu. 01/11/12 03:42
Vous vouliez tout savoir sur les Tremere et autres Scelesti ? Le prochain supplément contient plein d'infos sur eux !


Il a l'air hyper intéressant, avec un gros passage sur les Tremere, et avec plein de liens disséminés sur le reste de la gamme.

Extrait croustillant, attention SPOILERS !

Left Handed Path
Concerning the Tremere: the Tremere are better organized than the Pentacle Orders are aware of; they have the appearance of being a bunch of soul-starved loners due to the group's secretive and ruthless policies concerning weak members: they get thrown to the wolves if they can't take care of themselves, and are purged by their higher-ups if they're both weak and know too much. The Legacy's overall goal is impressive: they seek to change the fundamental nature of magic.

Nutshell version: their history tells of a cult of heretics from the age of Atlantis who were dissatisfied with the orthodox view of a five-fold soul, and who eventually sought out vampires due to legends indicating that the vampiric nature might hold clues about the true nature of the soul. They were double-crossed by a lich known as the Theban, and turned into its vampiric thralls. Later, a cabal managed to free themselves from the Theban's control due to the interference of a Bound that they refer to as the Seventh Dragon (supposedly the Theban's sire), who claimed to be the keeper of the Lone Watchtower, betrayed by his brethren. Now they seek to reinstate the Final Watchtower (said to be lost in the Abyss), effectively uniting the Subtle Arcana into one Mystery and crushing the traitors.

Another neat thing about the Tremere is that when they first appeared in the dark ages, they seemed to be powerful allies: they fought Seers, Scelesti, and Reapers — especially Reapers — with a fervor very much matching that of the Orders. For two hundred years, they lead the charge against the Orders' enemies, until in 1099 the Silver Ladder exposed them as being Reapers themselves. By that time, they had largely exterminated their competition and were starting to turn on the Orders. Thus, the Orders don't just view the Tremere as Reapers and Liches, but also as Apostates: remnants of a treacherous Legacy.

Becoming a Tremere involves having your soul removed, taking an Astral Sojourn to the Ouroboros where Astral meets Abyss, and taking a bath in its waters; this supposedly forges a bond to the Final Watchtower and grants the Tremere an "anti-soul". (The similarity between this and the way that the Baali establish a link to the Abyss is not lost on me.) Once the Tremere consumes an Awakened soul, he becomes a Tremere; if he fails to do so before losing all of his Gnosis to soul loss, he becomes a living vampire that has to feed on souls to survive.

The section on the Tremere then offers some power boosts intended to make Tremere competitive with liches who use such things as Steal Lifespan: they don't have auras of their own, but may borrow auras from any of the souls they possess; they have access to a voluntary counterpart to vampiric torpor, a death sleep that lets them go for decades without needing to consume souls.

The Tremere are subdivided into Houses, which are treated as variations on the Legacy that have different Second and Third Attainments. Houses include House Nagaraja, House Seo Hel (both statted up), House Thrax, and House Vedmak.

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